DatapointEurope OnDemand portfolio provides a reliable and dedicated private or public oriented multi-channel cloud solution


DatapointEurope OnDemand is an intelligent multi-channel Communications as a Service (CaaS) offering, corroborated with over 20 years of experience in the area of Unified Communications and Contact Centers, aimed at meeting the requirements of Mid-size and Enterprise organisations.

Key Features

    Business need:

  • Customer responsiveness and seamless experience by offering channel of choice flexibility, via phone, email, chat or SMS
  • Agent productivity and fair work distribution
  • Supervisor simplified administration and single point of administration
  • Significantly reduce the communication and connectivity cost you currently incur by utilizing a centralized SIP solution
  • Flexibility to meet the requirements of your customers
  • Users need to access these vital tools from a consistent unified interface from any device or operating system anywhere

    Solution Features:

  • Skills-based routing
  • Office and remote agent support
  • Omni channel (voice, email, chat)
  • Call recording
  • IVR
  • Outbound dialling
  • Reporting and call center analytics offering a unified view of your contact center performance
  • Agile operation – resulting in fast-track enablement and changes
  • Reliability of a highly available hosted platform


For Customers:

The client will have a more responsive and seamless experience by having the option to contact and be contacted via phone, email, chat or SMS.

For Agents:

Increased productivity and fair work distribution and all the needed features like call recording, IVR and Outbound Dialling, even when working remotely on mobile or from home.

For supervisors:

Simplified administration with a single point of administration, with management features like skill-based routing, office and remote agent suport.

For business managers:

24/7 monitoring and reporting toolsets. More flexibility to analyze and meet the requierements of their customers.

For everyone:

Omni channel communications (voice, email, chat and SMS), with a highly available and reliable hosting plataform, wich enables access to all the tools from a unified interface that works from any device, in any operating system, anywhere.


DatapointEurope's OnDemand portfolio is ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating user demands, with flexibility to scale up or down your services always based on your current needs, while maintaining a high level of consistency.

OnDemand Delivers:

  • Voice, email and webchat channels
  • Operational efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower TCO
  • Subscription based scalable model
  • Flexible trough multi-vendor options
  • 'Best in class' service
  • Robust disaster recovery
  • Automatic software updates
  • 'Plan your work anywhere to work your plan'

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